Possibly the Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had

August 9, 2016

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment we realised sending a Joto’d pictureof Chris Sacca to Chris Sacca was a stupendously bad idea, but I’m pretty sure it’s when we Joto’d a picture of Chris Sacca to send to Chris Sacca.

Ok, so maybe a profile building exercise for Joto featuring leading figures from the startup world isn’t quite the worst idea I’ve ever had*, but we’re certainly talking top 10 territory.

Needless to say, we didn’t send it.



To introduce Joto to the creative community, Carmen and I have been reaching out to our favourite artists and illustrators, offering them the chance to have their work “Joto’d”. So far the results have been wonderful. Putting our first generation prototype to work has proved a fantastic way to demonstrate Joto’s capabilities whilst we wait for our second generation prototype to be shipped from China.



However, only when it came to introducing Joto to specific individuals did our plan become horribly unstuck. Watching Joto beautifully sketch the fine details of Chris Sacca’s beard made the whole exercise feel, well, a bit creepy. And as Guy so brilliantly put it, where was the value for them? (Apart from knowing yet another startup was trying to get their attention.)

So we’ve nixed drawing people’s social profiles for now. Perhaps we’ll let the hardware do the talking.

However, if you have any better suggestions for what we should draw with Joto (or you know how to grab a coffee with Chris Sacca) you know who to call.

(*It’s worth noting I once pitched a floating black orb crammed with teenagers as a mascot for Virgin Megastore. To be fair I was suffering from a bad case of the flu at the time.)

Jamie Wieck (Those, Co-Founder & Director)
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