#MeetTheCreatives: Thomas Hedger

September 12, 2016

Thomas Hedger is an award-winning artist based in London. From The Guardian to The New York Times, his colourful, eye-catching work is a regular feature in publications around the world.

[Carmen:] Hi Thomas, can you tell us how you generate ideas for your illustrations and explain your creative process?

[Thomas:] Becoming a graphic based artist came out of the need to satisfy a constant urge to draw — I found digital media a natural outlet for me to quickly process my artwork from first thoughts to finished forms. I just dive right into drawing on the mac; I like starting with a blank canvas, trying to project what’s in my head out onto the screen — working with line and the negative space it creates.

[T:] Inspiration generally comes from the little things in the world and their shape or shadow and it rolls from there. Often something will manifest inside my head and I’ll become fixated on it until it’s drawn — hopefully turing the everyday into something a bit more bitesize, vibrant and fun.

My style comes from a transition between pen and paper to digital, I’ve kept my outlines and use of white paper for negative space, the rest is a colour palette I’ve been slowly building upon.



[C:] You recently won a D&AD pencil at New Blood 2016 and have been listed as one of the Top 25 Illustrators by It’s Nice That, that’s quite a year! What’s next?

[T:] I’m hoping to work on some more prints; it’s so nice to be able to pull an illustration from the digital realm and apply it to paper. I’d like to curate a printed series of work. I often jump from one subject to the next, so concentrating on producing a substantial series could be quite exciting.

[C:] As one of the first artists to collaborate with Joto, what did you think?

[T:] Joto is absolutely mesmerising. When I first saw it bringing my piece to life I couldn’t stop watching. There are certainly some very exciting applications in store for Joto as it operates with such dexterity and speed in transforming digital works into a tangible analogue form.

Carmen Domingo (Those, Communications Manager)
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