#MeetTheCreatives: Martina Paukova

August 31, 2016

Martina Paukova is an illustrator in demand. As one of the first artists to create artwork for Joto, we wanted to get to know a bit more about her work and thought you might too!

[Carmen:] Martina, your illustrations caught our eye at this year’s Cannes Lions, how would you describe your style?

[Martina:] I guess my work is trying to capture the ordinary and the everyday combined with dark outlines, flat areas of colour, 70s American motels, modernist furniture and dots with an occasional Memphis thrown in. I like to draw people and their awkward people’s poses and set in environments filled with daily objects with a somehow familiar narrative going on.

[C:] Where does your inspiration come from?

[M:] Influences vary — I am a massive fan of Yuichi Yokoyama, Bien Philty,James Juliano Villani or Derek Ercolano and their work verging on psychedelia of sort, am kinda envious!

[C:] Is there any future project you’d like to share with us?

[M:] Actually there is — I am very heavily playing with the idea of a graphic novel as opposed to static client work. Having the freedom to spread the narrative over series of pages is a very daunting, but very exciting prospect, not to mention the chance to play with the nuances of the story and seeing it develop on the go and with the time. The main character will be the Cat person — the same one I used in an artwork for you guys and that already featured in few of my recent illustrations and the story will be very human, very daily with bits and bops of a dark stuff. So yeah, all of you graphic novel lovers out there — keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, is there any aspect of Joto that particularly your attention? 🙂

As a purely digital illustrator I absolutely love how the picture comes to life underneath the command of this little robotic arm holding the pen! It is almost like having little mechanical intern drawing what you tell him to. Rather genius idea all that really!

Carmen Domingo (Those, Communications Manager)
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