Our first Joto “beta-production”

August 31, 2016

Those who’ve been following our social media streams (and if not, you’re missing out) will know that last week Jim set off for Shenzhen to assemble our very first “beta-production” Joto.

This morning, the pictures finally came back, and they don’t disappoint.

This Joto isn’t some ropey string prototype (been there done that), or a proof-of-concept fresh from a 3D printer (done that too). This Joto is formed from stamped metal, a piece of machined hardware capable of being produced by the thousands.

This is our first step into the real world. Manufacture at scale.

So apart from sampling the local tipple (60% ABV I hear 😁), Jim is our man on the ground to fine tune this new class of prototype. We’ll be sure to post more pictures as they come…

Jamie Wieck (Those, Co-Founder & Director)
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