What is Those?

Digital & Physical Works


Those is a design studio founded in 2014 with the intent to pursue the use of technologies in design. It focuses on connecting the physical and the digital worlds.

Its first product was Woodpecker, a scalable digital drawing tool that can be placed and programmed to draw on any surface.

With a mission to create new ways to combine the digital with the physical, Those has now created Joto, an antidote to our reliance on pixels and glass screens. Joto takes the concept behind Woodpecker – transferring digital files, whether it’s pictures, texts or tweets, and into a real life image – and applies it to a product accessible and suitable for home use.

Who are we?

Jim Rhodes

With a background in web development, graphic design & engineering, Jim has worked for clients including Dior, CaféDirect Producers Foundation, Universal Music and the British Council. He founded Those in order to explore the use of new technologies in design.

Barney Mason

From a product design background, Barney has worked on projects for Lego, Tomy, Hasbro and Vivid Imaginations. He has developed a unique knowledge of 3D printing for product design and has worked alongside Faberdashery showcasing their amazing 3D printing materials.

Carmen Domingo

Carmen Domingo is Joto’s communications lead, looking to create great content and community around this innovative product. Previously, she worked at the PR agency Idealmedia, developing strategic communication for a global client list. Her experience in bringing creativity to traditional approaches helped further her passion for visual communication, and more specifically, graphic design.